Hooke Court 28 November 2020

We have had a increase in the number of families wanting to attend this Saturday. With so many people attending we are having to split into 2 sections to comply with Covid Regulations. Below is a list of the 2 groups that your family will be allocated too. We would ask that you remain in your designated groups throughout the afternoon.

Please also take time to read the Hooke Court Covid guidelines

Group 1

Karen Wright
Emily Bosch
Leah Miles
Netty Channing Pearce
Robyn Gale

Group 2

Clare Cameron
Leeann O’Brien
Pippa Hutchings
Cara O’Donnell
Clouds Webbs


1.45pm arrive
2 pm start, split into groups
        groups go to rockets or forest school
3 pm rocket group break for a drink and biscuit; forest school have their camp fire
3:15 pm rocket group walk to launch site and launch rockets; forest school group walk to Aelfric Hall for drink and biscuit 
3:30 pm groups swap over and repeat above

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