Our Story

Shared experiences has been a really important part of the support we give each other. Now we are striving to write a book together. But we will never be able to write it without your contributions.

It is so important that other parents know they are not alone out there. We have all felt that from time to time, now we have each other.

The book will allow us to reach more parents and pay forward the support.

The idea is to share what you wish too. The pain, the challenges, the laughs, the love and the joy of sharing this journey with these unique and beautiful children.

Any writing style is great, poem, blog, letter – just write from the heart. We know you will great because no-one knows what its like except those living it.

To support our budding authors, we will be running a workshop on 6th February at 4pm who would like to share experiences and get the creative juices flowing.

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