ASCape Regatta at Hooke Court

Groups for May 8th at Hooke Court are as follows, please let me know if you require any changes

Group 1 Teens

Bryn, Oliver, Aron, Josh, Max, Peter

Group 2 Teens

Anwen, Felix, Kayleigh, Chloe, Vicki, Sophie, Jaz,Keira

Group A, 7-11’s

Clare, Xander

Cara & Lily

Lisa & Amelie

Sarah Elizabeth, Libby & Grace

Morag & Stanley

Sophie, Connor & Jacob

Group B 7-11’s

Carol, Thomas & Jack

Claudia & Jamie

Gemma & Leo

Raquel & Alfie

Jennie, Quinn & Riley

Group C, 7-11’s

Emi, Matt, Austyn & Archie

Robyn & Dom

Bethan & Owen

Leah & Mylo

Dave & Jamie

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