Social Story – Hooke Court

We all know how difficult it can be to get our children into a new surroundings however fantastic. So for those parents/children who’s first time it is visiting Hooke or just if your child needs to re-visit the idea before they attend, we have a social story.

Please feel free to download and use as you need.

Oct Half Term

Saturday 23rd October – A Halloween activities afternoon at The Shire Corscombe for the 7-11’s. Pumpkin trail followed by Halloween Arts & Crafts.

This activity is subsidised by ASCape. Cost to parents is £6.50 per child payable on the day.

Limited to 10 children so sign up fast on our Facebook page.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Tuesday 26th October 13.00pm – 14.00pm – the 7-11’s are welcome to join in at Rockburn.

Wednesday 27th October 19.00pm – 20.30pm – the teens are welcome to join in at Rockburn.

The cost is £6, shoes supplied. Snacks and drinks are on sale in the chill out area. Parents of younger children to stay.

If you have already booked for the Shire we will give priority to others first. There are 12 places per session.

ASCape Regatta at Hooke Court

Groups for May 8th at Hooke Court are as follows, please let me know if you require any changes

Group 1 Teens

Bryn, Oliver, Aron, Josh, Max, Peter

Group 2 Teens

Anwen, Felix, Kayleigh, Chloe, Vicki, Sophie, Jaz,Keira

Group A, 7-11’s

Clare, Xander

Cara & Lily

Lisa & Amelie

Sarah Elizabeth, Libby & Grace

Morag & Stanley

Sophie, Connor & Jacob

Group B 7-11’s

Carol, Thomas & Jack

Claudia & Jamie

Gemma & Leo

Raquel & Alfie

Jennie, Quinn & Riley

Group C, 7-11’s

Emi, Matt, Austyn & Archie

Robyn & Dom

Bethan & Owen

Leah & Mylo

Dave & Jamie


ASCape offers on an individual basis equine therapy via Eqanimity in Lyme Regis.

The work is very much tailored to your needs, e.g. to help with confidence, anxiety or fear issues, self-development, autism or learning difficulties and is available to 11+ years.

Each individual case must be presented to the committee. ASCape will fund 4 sessions. If it is appropriate ASCape will fund half the cost of an additional 4 sessions thereafter.

Further details of Equanimity can be found at


Hooke Visit April 2021

Another successful visit to Hooke Court this April. The teens had a go at archery and making bows. I am happy to announce all fingers and toes are accounted for

The younger children tried their hand at making Easter baskets, had an Easter egg hunt and put the low ropes course through it paces.

Next trip is May 8th. Teens will be able to try kayaking and rope making whilst the younger children make boats to sail on the moat.

Hooke Court Visit April 2021

Groups for the day will be as follows:


The teens will be in 2 groups

Teen Group 1 – Bryn, Robin, Peter, Tess, Maddie, River

Teen Group – Anwen, Felix, Tiana, Kayleigh, Chloe, Max

Volunteers – Karen, Rob & Pennie

Group 1

Clare & Xander, Cara & Lily, Lisa & Amelie, Sarah & Libby, Emma & Oliver, Morag & Stanley.

Group 2

Gemma Kay & Leo, Carol & Thomas/Jack, Claudia & Jamie, Katie & Reuben, Raquel & Alfie.

Group 3

Emi, Matt & Austyn/Archie, Robyn & Dom, Bethan & Owen, Leah & Mylo, Jennie & Quinn, Dave & James

Volunteer: Sarah Gittoe