Our Story

Shared experiences has been a really important part of the support we give each other. Now we are striving to write a book together. But we will never be able to write it without your contributions.

It is so important that other parents know they are not alone out there. We have all felt that from time to time, now we have each other.

The book will allow us to reach more parents and pay forward the support.

The idea is to share what you wish too. The pain, the challenges, the laughs, the love and the joy of sharing this journey with these unique and beautiful children.

Any writing style is great, poem, blog, letter – just write from the heart. We know you will great because no-one knows what its like except those living it.

To support our budding authors, we will be running a workshop on 6th February at 4pm who would like to share experiences and get the creative juices flowing.

Virtual Bake Off

The nation might be in lockdown but that won’t stop us! No this weekend is Junior Bake Off. So get your aprons on and your mixing bowls out for the chokkie cake challenge.

The recipe is on the Facebook page, kindly donated by Robyn Gale. Entries to be in by 1st February 2021

Prizes for the top 3 entries.

So get baking, show us those pictures & definitely no soggy bottoms.

Guidance on EHCP process

Karen contacted Holly Loxton, Team Manager – Early Help SEND, for clarity on the EHCP process and the mysterious panel meetings

Holly Loxton

“The process for request an EHC Needs Assessment has not changed in that this can be done with school or by parent. We consider on the legal threshold of whether there is SEN and whether needs/ provision identified in the request may require access to support above a school level of input. If assessment is agreed, we write to any professionals as relevant to request their advice. Even at this stage it may not lead to an EHC Plan. Once the advice is collected, we consider the decision of whether to issue an EHC Plan at SEN Panel. If a plan is agreed, we would draft the plan and send out to all involved for feedback before finalising. If at either the request for EHC Needs Assessment or consideration of EHC Plan decision we turn this down, parents can access a phone call/ meeting to discuss further, mediation or appeal rights (we would always suggest some discussion with us first to make sure there is nothing that has been missed along the way or further information to consider).
Currently there are two weekly SEN panels that are centrally lead, both consider decision to assess (although these are mainly decided by team manager), Decision to issue an EHC Plan and provision required within the plan/ funding. These have reps from SEN, EP service, Health, Specialist Teachers, Schools, Social Care – this is on a rota basis and varies each time. We don’t have parent or school reps for specific children and is considered on the paperwork provided. There is ongoing work as part of our transforming SEND project and how decisions are made is something that is being considered further.
We are always happy to discuss any specific concerns that parents have regarding individual decisions or circumstances as advice does vary between children dependent on needs and requests as well as what has been tried as part of ongoing response and support”

Holly informed Karen that there was a parents event, Let’s Talk taking place on the 2nd December. This even is a platform for parents to voice their opinions on the changes in SEND services.

Hooke Court 28 November 2020

We have had a increase in the number of families wanting to attend this Saturday. With so many people attending we are having to split into 2 sections to comply with Covid Regulations. Below is a list of the 2 groups that your family will be allocated too. We would ask that you remain in your designated groups throughout the afternoon.

Please also take time to read the Hooke Court Covid guidelines

Group 1

Karen Wright
Emily Bosch
Leah Miles
Netty Channing Pearce
Robyn Gale

Group 2

Clare Cameron
Leeann O’Brien
Pippa Hutchings
Cara O’Donnell
Clouds Webbs


1.45pm arrive
2 pm start, split into groups
        groups go to rockets or forest school
3 pm rocket group break for a drink and biscuit; forest school have their camp fire
3:15 pm rocket group walk to launch site and launch rockets; forest school group walk to Aelfric Hall for drink and biscuit 
3:30 pm groups swap over and repeat above

Hooke Court

Next visit to Hooke Court is scheduled for the 28th November at 2pm.

Activities this time include rocket building, launching of rockets and finally more sausages around the camp fire.

Please can you let us know if you will be attending and how many people. Covid restrictions limit us to 15. However if we have more we could run 2 separate groups.

We will also be arranging a Christmas date with activities including making Xmas decorations with items sourced from the woods. 🎄

Please note parents/carer must attend with child/children